From Students To Cloud Insurance Summer Interns: Experience of Adrian and Mikkel

From left to right: Adrian Andersen, Mikkel Svarteit and Kim Isak, their company buddy

Hey guys! To kickstart our conversation, please describe yourself in one sentence.

Adrian: Sure! I code at Webkom - a student association committee responsible for technical solutions, play water polo, love cooking, and wearing rodeo-esque belt buckles.

Mikkel: And I'm a Tech Nerd, gym enthusiast, and among the fastest Rubix cube solvers in Norway.

Sweet! And is there a place where you usually publish your achievements?

Adrian: I place everything in my github account, it contains some of my recent scripts.

Mikkel: I have my own website, where I update development progress, photos I've taken, and other achievements.

Let's talk about your internship at Cloud Insurance. What can you say about this experience?

Adrian: Here, I've had the opportunity to work on a project that has actual business value. We learned a lot from starting a project from scratch and got a lot of freedom to choose what to focus on in the project. For instance, I wanted to learn more about automated testing, and therefore I decided to implement and try out ways to set up tests for the application. 

I also learned about the startup world and got to see how an InsurTech company works from the inside. 

Mikkel: I'm super grateful for getting this opportunity so early in my career, and it's really been a fantastic experience. In addition to the massive learning outcomes, I've gotten a taste of what it's like to work in a fast-growing software company. Also, being surrounded by such a skilled team has been very motivating!

Many internships often feel like it's all about getting coffee for other employees. Did you feel the same way here?  

Adrian: No, not at all. At Cloud, everyone is on the same team, working toward a common goal. We respect each other and work together to create valuable solutions, all while having fun. 

Mikkel: The only coffee I've been getting has been for myself. One of the things that I've enjoyed here is that we've been working on real projects that I know will provide value to the rest of the team. Albeit a bit daunting, this excites me and motivates me to do a good job!

Mikkel's getting coffee at the office's coffee machine

Adrian, what has been the project you will tell your friends about

Adrian: Probably, the travel insurance project, where we created a form for buying travel insurance from scratch. We've integrated both Cloud's backend systems, as well as different front-end libraries. It ensures easy usage by the sales team and smooth integration into a customer website.

One of the projects our summer interns implemented

Mikkel, what have you learned during this internship

Mikkel: I've learned so incredibly much during these weeks, and I feel a lot more capable as a web developer now than I did just 2 months ago. Learning and working at a fast pace together with the other interns has taught me how to utilize Git in a team workflow, write and respond to code reviews, create automated tests, integrate our code with existing libraries and so much more. Besides that, I feel like I've sharpened my English skills quite a bit!

Mikkel Svartveit, Cloud Insurance Summer Intern 2021

Adrian, I know this was your first startup experience. How did you like it?

Adrian: Cloud Insurance has been an eye-opener for me in this regard. It offered challenges and fun tasks that I learned from a lot! It's also a very social workplace, with lots of fun activities in and outside of the office. I got to know everyone through roof top hangs, beers in gardens and while playing many rounds of shuffleboard. We also competed in an AI-generated Hunger Games. 

Adrian Andersen, Cloud Insurance Summer Intern 2021

What would you say to future Cloud Insurance Summer Interns

Adrian: I recommend preparing that you are going to learn a lot. However, you are going to produce something tangible almost immediately. Also, make sure to bring some sunscreen, as at least I did get a little sunburnt during lunch. 

Mikkel: Apply now! It really is an awesome place to work, and you won't regret it. ;)

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