Imagine a solution to any insurance business challenge. Now let us implement it for you.

For end-customers
For employees and partners
For claimants

Grow your business with admin & backend functionality


Automate policy lifecycle from policy creation, underwriting and maintenance to termination while remaining compliant.

Boost your revenue

Integrate insurance and non-insurance upsell, and cross-sell offers.

Personalize communication

Set up personalized quotes, discounts, policy documents, and overall communication.

Offer dynamic policies

Let your clients choose payment intervals and due dates.
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Fully automate the claim payment process and encrypt all sensitive data.

“The flexibility to automate and streamline processes is remarkable.”

Patric Ljung

Improve customer satisfaction

Provide your claimants with transparent self-service.

Prevent fraud

Review the list of payouts and grant different authorization levels based on claim amounts.

Offer flexibility

Let agents, third-party, customers, or insured people fill out claims.
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Onboard new partners within minutes or days rather than weeks or months.

“Cloud Insurance’s incredibly flexible approach to the insurance industry ticks all of our partners’ boxes.”

Daniel Deckers
Operations Manager at Maiden

Empower your partners

Enable self-service and branded customer journeys, customize product offering, and pricing per partner.

Automate commissions

Auto-calculate and track commissions for your carriers, distributors, and other stakeholders.

Determine the most profitable partners

Track all your partner performance and segment the ones which deliver the most revenue.
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Oversee the real-time financial picture of your business with a complete accounting ledger featuring full transaction history and tracking.

“The Cloud Insurance’s architecture is underpinned by an innovative ‘time-slicing’ of policies. This enables products configuration out of the box with fluctuating premiums or subscription models, as well as a strong MTA capability through being able to understand policy at an exact point in time clearly.”

Experts in key Financial Services markets.

Leverage automation

Improve efficiency with automated invoicing, payments, fees, and reconciliation.

Offer more than competitors

Provide your customers with flexible payment methods and frequency, and let them change payment methods at any time.

Go global

Meet multiple currency, language, and multi-country regulatory requirements.
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Product engine

Design new subscription and usage-based products in weeks, hours, or even minutes.

Offer hot deals

Launch limited-time deals and track from which channels your customers are coming.

Remove manual processes

Automate pricing, premium calculation, and underwriting, while remaining compliant (ACORD forms, NCCI ratings, etc).

Empower product owners

Enable your product owners to add and modify coverages and add-ons within the click of a button.
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Keep all your customers in one place by importing them from other systems or integrating your CRM into Cloud Insurance.

Enable customer view

Trace all customer historical actions and analyze them in a timeline view.

Go omnichannel

Set up omnichannel communication with your customers and claimants.

Act faster

Search customers, make changes, and analyze their data - quickly and easily.
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Speed up your daily work with automated underwriting, payment reminders, debt-collection, policy cancellation, and much more.

Work smarter

Create efficient workflows to guide claims handlers, underwriters, and other team members.

Cover exceptions

Manually override underwriting in the quote process and streamline exceptional cases for analysis and decision.

Increase retention

Integrate cross-sell and upsell workflow functionality.
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Collect all your data in one place when you need it the most by integrating with third-party systems, like CRM and warehouses.

Monitor numbers that matter

Keep track of your business performance in real-time and configure your reporting dashboards.

Identify what’s performing best

Determine which policy quotes, customer segments, and channels bring you the best results.

Keep your team accountable

Generate insurance standard reports for different departments within your organization, and external stakeholders.
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Insurance products ready out-of-the-box







Convert more policyholders with Purchase Journey

Create seamless multi-device customer journeys following your branding standards. Integrate easy-to-fill conditional questionnaires, and personalize experiences to raise your sign-up rates and revenue.

Decide on plans and coverages to offer to your customers based on each application.
Incorporate most widespread payment and authentication providers.
Determine where your visitors are coming from to track performance and prioritize the right segments.
Let your customers add other insured people to their plan or coverage.
Offer different product discounts to your partners.

Deliver more to your customers with My Account Portal

Provide your customers with a self-serve, multi-device portal to manage their insurance, file claims, and review the latest policy documents.

Send regular notifications about claims.
Secure sensitive information with data encryption and authentication technology.
Integrate with your apps (super apps), chatbots, and other conversational platforms.
Provide your customers with an overview of all historical documents.

Stop Working Harder. Start Insuring Smarter.