The insurance platform that does it all

As our customers report:

decrease in time-to-market

increase in revenue

improvement in customer satisfaction

Grow your business

Whether you’re a startup, small or a mid-sized company, we have everything in place to prepare you for global scale.

Improve efficiency and time-to-market

Fully automate your insurance lifecycle and go live in weeks, not months.

Deliver more to customers

Whether it comes to purchase journeys, personalized offers and communication, or customer portals, we’ll help you deliver WOW to your customers.

Make it easy for your team

Change does NOT have to be hard. Over the years our team designed a Know-How process to tailor transition to the needs of different teams. Besides, you’ll see, our platform is very easy to use.

Insure smarter with Cloud Insurance


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Choose what suits you best

At Cloud Insurance we operate both module-based and as an end-to-end insurance value chain system provider. With a user base in 20+ countries on 5 continents, clients trust us with operations and widespread global distribution networks. So can you!

Scenario 1

Your core insurance system

All the heavy lifting on us – full value chain or cherry-picking functionality (back-end and front-end if needed).

Scenario 2

Part of your corporate IT ecosystem

We’ll focus on a business area or a product line to speed up your IT.

Scenario 3

Your commercial startup platform

We’ll be up and running super fast to launch your MVP from zero within a few months.

How our customers drive hyper results

Why Cloud Insurance?

At Cloud Insurance, we genuinely stand for flexibility and user-friendliness. That’s why our solution is suitable for any insurance provider with various types of coverages. The adaptability of the platform has enabled us to deploy globally across different products with varied distribution models.

Delivering Results – not tech fixes

We measure our impact by the results you get. On average, our clients achieve up to 40% increase in revenue and up to 50% decrease in time-to-market.

We’re a Partner – not a vendor

We provide continuous support and coaching, so that you have everything in place to achieve upon your business ambitions. Our team is 24/7/365 at your disposal.

Introducing Innovation – not “modern solutions”

We don’t create solutions for you to use today only. With AI, Machine learning and rule-based technology opportunities are endless! And we work hard to be the first on the market of innovative features. This way you’ll be among the first to use it.

See what these Rockstar insurers have to say

“Cloud Insurance’s incredibly flexible approach to the insurance industry ticks all of our partners’ boxes.”

Daniel Deckers
Operations Manager at Maiden

“From the specs and requirements we set, Cloud Insurance provided everything and tailored the things not only for our launch but also for the long-term.”

Ramin Jamei

“Cloud Insurance has convinced us about their capabilities since day one.”

Daniel Deckers
Operations Manager at Maiden

“The flexibility to automate and streamline processes is remarkable.”

Patric Ljung
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