Cloud Insurance

A web-based core insurance system with extensive policy and claims management capabilities. So flexible that you’ll reach your business goals in no time!

Cloud Insurance

A web-based core insurance system with extensive policy and claims management capabilities. So flexible that you’ll reach your business goals in no time!

We make the insurance industry move faster

These are exciting times for the insurance industry! We provide a modern software as-a-service that enables you to launch new products to the market faster, increase revenue and reduce cost.

Through automation and machine learning Cloud Insurance manages policies and claims much more efficiently than was ever possible before.

Reduce time-to market

Say goodbye to long implementation projects. And when in operation, enjoy the flexibility of easily launching new products in the market.

Save costs

Reduce cost and improve efficiency of administrative operations by automating your manual processes and enabling customer self-service.

Grow your business

Include distribution partners, (re)insurers and other stakeholders in your digital strategy. White-labeling, co-branding, pricing overrides? We got you covered.

Stay in compliance

Sleep safe at night and check those compliance checkboxes. We manage a strong security architecture, stellar data quality and out-of-the-box reporting tools.

Our latest achievement

Stockholm-based insurers Maiden Life & General launches a fast to market digital business model in conjunction with Cloud Insurance.

With a growing demand and exciting business partner opportunities ahead, Maiden decided to launch a new digital platform to offer end-to-end services for online insurance customer journeys.

Based on the insurance platform of the Norwegian insurtech Cloud Insurance, Maiden’s distribution partners can now offer their diverse catalogue of insurance products to customers by simply plugging into this cloud based insurance platform.


Daniel Deckers
Operations Manager
Maiden Life Försäkrings AB
Maiden General Försäkrings AB

Cloud Insurance’s incredibly flexible approach to the insurance industry ticks all of our partners’ boxes, as well as our own, and is why they have had us convinced about their capabilities since day one.

Patric Ljung
Head of IT
Insr Insurance Group ASA

“Cloud Insurance is at the centerpiece of our whole range of affinity products. The flexibility to automate and streamline processes that differ between products is remarkable, and fits right into our strategy of offering the best user experience possible.”

We work with several types of customers all over the world

We have clients working in our system across over 20 countries on five continents. Our client base includes insurance companies, agents, brokers and MGAs
– A testimonial to Cloud Insurance flexibility.

Lo-fi updates

In the current climate we are lucky enough to be rigged for zero interruptions and are using this time to come out even stronger on the other side. Cloud is still a hundred percent open for business – just running from our shiny home offices for a bit. Take care of each other 🌸

Today marks the first official day of our new developer, Yannick Lossouarn! Yannick has made the move from France to become a part of our tech squad and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us. Welcome to the team, Yannick! 👏🏼

We just signed with a new customer ✨ We’re very excited about working with them, as well as taking our first step into Switzerland. 🇨🇭

Today we launched our new website along with a complete overhaul of the visual profile! 🎉

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