Meet The Cloud Insurance Team

The Cloud-team consists of young techies, ex-consultants and heavy hitters from the finance and insurance industry. We have an international mindset through previous experience in global companies in the tech, finance, insurance and consulting sector.

We saw the insurance industry struggling to innovate and companies held back by legacy systems, bad data and a long time to market. Our cloud-based software offers a solution that help insurers reach their business potential. We are one of the world’s 100 most innovative insurtech companies.

Our headquarters are located at the magnificent House of Seafaring in Oslo, Norway, right in the middle of city centre.

Want to talk or get a demo of Cloud Insurance? Give us a call or drop us an email, we will be happy to meet!

Axel Sjøstedt

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
(+47) 922 01 161 /

Axel learned to operate a computer the same year he learned walking, and has a great interest in the role of technology in society. He wrote a lot of the Cloud Insurance code during our early days, but now he runs around and manages the business side of things instead. Axel holds an MsC degree from NHH Norwegian School of Economics and UC Berkeley, with a major in strategy and management. In addition, he has a BsC degree in Informatics from University of Oslo. In 2018, Axel was on the prestigious E24 Leadership Talent List, as well as being nominated as Founder of The Year in Nordic Startup Awards.

Håvard Landrø Nilsen

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder
(+47) 975 26 108 /

Håvard is our technology architect, engineer and carpenter. He is usually “plugged in”, writing beautiful code. Håvard is both a computer geek and a finance major. Unsurprisingly, he enjoys working with insurance, statistics, quantitative analytics and machine learning. In addition to his finance major, he holds a BsC degree in Informatics from University of Oslo.

Heidi Høgalmen

Chief Product Officer
(+47) 451 98 946 /

Heidi has the bird-eye view on our product and service strategy, making sure we build stuff that delivers optimal value to both ourselves and our customers. She is also juggling many of our internal and external projects. Heidi holds an MsC degree from NHH Norwegian School of Economics and UC Berkeley, with a major in finance. Prior to joining Cloud Insurance, Heidi worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.

Tim Nguyen

VP Commercial Operations
(+47) 928 86 626 /

Tim has a key role in developing and executing on the commercial strategy at Cloud Insurance, and he is leading our marketing and sales work. Tim has an impressive track-record in IT Sales. Prior to joining us, Tim held the position as VP Sales for Industry & Services at EVRY, the largest IT company in the Nordics. Having worked as Insurance Head of Sales in the same company, he knows the pain-points and opportunities in the industry.

Ragnar Bø

Chairman of the Board
(+47) 909 44 044 /

Ragnar is an experienced technology entrepreneur. He was an active partner in founding of the Scandinavian CRM software company SuperOffice, and he founded and owned Mandatum before the company was acquired by Software Innovation. Most recently, he was CEO at Sonitor Technologies, and he holds board positions at several technology companies.

Susanne Hannestad

Senior Sales & Partnerships Executive
(+47) 901 12 875 /

Susanne is an experienced executive in the industries of Financial Service, Management & IT Consultancy, Insurance and Payments. She has held several EVP and SVP positions at Nordea, she was a board member at MasterCard Europe Advisory Board and the Chairman of Zwipe. Susanne is CEO of Fintech Mundi, specializing in scaling fintech companies in global markets.

Anja Basioli Kirkvik

Technical Project Manager
(+47) 938 24 723 /

Anja is managing both internal development projects and client implementations. She is a wizard breaking down customer needs into something tangible, making sure we always deliver great quality on time. Anja holds an M.Sc. in Business Analysis and Performance from NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Prior to joining Cloud, she worked as a Project Manager in Emerging Tech at EVRY Cognitive Services.

Sindre Haneset Nygård

(+47) 900 30 965 /

Sindre is an avid full-stack developer, with a special place in his heart for the latest and greatest in DevOps and cloud infrastructure. Sindre holds an Msc. in Computer Software Engineering from NTNU. Prior to joining Cloud Insurance, Sindre worked as a Consultant at Capgemini, mainly in banking digitalization projects. He was also Lead Developer at Islero, a fintech startup acquired by Huddlestock in 2017.

Bernt Roalkvam

User Experience Designer
(+47) 948 67 375 /

Bernt is our resident design thinker. He sees everything in intuitive, clever and seamless user experiences and has a deep understanding for our customers’ needs, helping them from drawing board to finish line. His academic background combines informatics, interaction and graphic design, allowing him to have full overview from insights to aesthetics.

Hanna Stålhammar

PR & Copywriting
(+47) 400 50 212 /

Hanna is our PR & Communications Consultant. She is a self-proclaimed language nerd and is passionate about making tech more accessible. She has a B2B communications background and is currently doing a part-time master’s degree in Strategic Communications Management.

Daniel Williams Bengtsson

Digital Marketing Intern
(+47) 934 42 422  /

Daniel is at his happiest when he gets to create content, whatever that content may be. From copywriting to graphic design, he is always working on reaching new people and customers. He is currently finishing his BA in Creative Marketing Communication from Westerdals and UC Berkeley.

Kristine Wilhelmsen

Business Development Associate
(+47) 480 69 029  /

Kristine is bridging the market and Cloud Insurance, through market research, ROI analysis for prospect clients and much more. She is currently studying at Norwegian School of Business in Oslo.

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