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Cloud Insurance is a seamless and user-friendly SaaS solution. Made by insurance experts for insurance companies, MGAs, agents, and brokers since 2016.

Picture of our founders

Founded by ambitious minds

While studying together, our founders observed various complications in the insurance industry. Being two ambitious and tech-savvy students, they decided to help and challenged the status quo.

After many sleepless nights, they’ve managed to launch the first version of a SaaS product to serve our first client.

Partner – not a vendor

Nowadays our international team consists of techies, ex-consultants and heavy hitters from the finance and insurance industries. We know everything about your daily operations and we’re determined to make them more productive and cost-efficient.

We aren’t a vendor, but a partner who works to help you act faster and innovate easier. And we have lots of templates in place, so it will take weeks not years or months.

Picture of the team
PM Working in the office

Customer-first company

We’re finalists of many insurtech competitions, but this is not as important as the great feedback we get from our clients. On average we see up to 50% decrease in time-to-market and up to 40% increase in revenue thanks to our platform.

While many of our competitors just announcing the release of innovative features, our clients have been using it for a while.  

Cloud Insurance’s incredibly flexible approach to the insurance industry ticks all of our partners’ boxes, as well as our own. And this is why they have had us convinced about their capabilities since day one.

Daniel Deckers

Operations Manager at Maiden Life Försäkrings AB

Our team

Axel wrote a lot of the Cloud Insurance code during our early days, but now he runs around and manages the business side of things instead.

He was on the prestigious E24 Leadership Talent List, as well as being nominated as Founder of The Year in Nordic Startup Awards.

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder
Axel Sjøstedt

Håvard is our technology architect, engineer and carpenter. He is usually “plugged in”, writing beautiful code. Håvard is both a computer geek and a finance major. Unsurprisingly, he enjoys working with insurance, statistics, quantitative analytics and machine learning.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder
Håvard L. Nilsen

Tim has a key role in developing and executing on the commercial strategy at Cloud Insurance, and he is leading our marketing and sales work. He has an impressive track-record in IT Sales.

Chief Commercial Officer
Tim Nguyen

Benedicte is a project manager that comes with a healthy dose of HR. Apart from taking care of our customers, she’s spearheading the structuring of the organisation. She believes in laying a good foundation by creating smart setups that later become self-sufficient.

People & Project Manager
Benedicte Aase Vabø

Odd Arild is a digital systems architect and works to convert business requirements to efficient solutions. He thrives in looking to simplify procedures and create scalable solutions. He has extensive experience from the digitalization of Norwegian telecom industry.

Senior Developer
Odd Arild Meling

Ragnar is an experienced technology entrepreneur. He shares offices with us, and thus has the role as an experienced sparring partner for the team. Ragnar was an active partner in founding of the Scandinavian CRM software company SuperOffice, and he founded and owned Mandatum.

Chair of the Board
Ragnar Bø

Alex is driving our UK sales and business development, distilling customer’s business requirements into revenue-enhancing digital products and optimised claims processes.

For over 15 years Alex has worked towards digitising and transforming business in the UK and worldwide.

Head of Sales UK
Alex Astengo

Uy is our frontline Sales Executive, working across our full sales journey, especially focusing on building our outbound sales practice. He very much enjoys working at a fast pace and takes really god care of the customers in the initial phase.

Sales executive
Uy Nguyen

Anja is managing both internal development projects and client implementations. She is a wizard breaking down customer needs into something tangible, making sure we always deliver great quality on time.

Technical Project Manager
Anja Basioli Kirkvik

Joel is the hub between tech and business. He uses his in-depth insurance knowledge to grasp customers’ needs, turning them into clear, practical ideas for the tech team. He assists in every step of product development and is continually pushing to make processes more efficient.

Business analyst
Joel Sundström

Kristian uses his background in both business and tech, from claims handling and software development to understand customers’ needs, down to the last detail. He translates their wishes into precise, distinct tasks for the tech team while ensuring quality every step of the way.

Business analyst
Kristian Greenway

Bernt is our resident design thinker and user advocate, he hungers a deep understanding for our users needs. His broad background allows him to help our customers from the drawing board to finish line and have full overview from insights to aesthetics.

User Experience Designer
Bernt Roalkvam

Sindre is an avid full-stack developer, with a special place in his heart for the latest and greatest in DevOps and cloud infrastructure. He also holds the responsibility for securing our platform.

Sindre Haneset Nygård

Yannick is an experienced full-stack developer who has an aptitude for automation and building safe, well structured software environments. Before joining Cloud Insurance his work as a software engineer has been diverse, ranging from 3D, VR and AR game development.

Yannick Loussouarn

Dmitry is our full-stack developer with more than 6 years of experience in web development. Before joining Cloud Insurance, he was engaged in the development of the high-load systems. Dmitry enjoys non-trivial tasks and elegant solutions.

Dmitry Mishchenko

Tamás is an experienced full-stack developer with a thirst for keeping up with the latest tech standards, and a knack for innovation. Prior to Cloud Insurance, his work has ranged from different expertises such as lead developer to product architect, and even speciality lead.

Tamás Csók

Tetiana is highly accomplished and results-driven with over 10 years of experience in large IT companies. She has a deep understanding of technical solutions and business requirements and has coordinated projects for customers such as DNB, Gjensidige, SpareBank1, and Telenor.

Customer Operation Manager
Tetiana Bobryk

Mariia definitely has digital marketing in her DNA. From the very first emotion to the very end experience she’s working to turn promising businesses into Cloud Insurance lovers. She has an MSc in Management from Bradford & Kozminski universities.

Digital Marketing Manager
Mariia Shvets

Daniel is at his happiest when he gets to create content, whatever that content may be. From copywriting to graphic design, he is always working on reaching new people and customers.

Digital Marketer
Daniel W. Bengtsson

Kristine is bridging the market and Cloud Insurance, through market research, ROI analysis for prospect clients and much more. She is currently studying at Norwegian School of Business in Oslo.

Junior Project Manager
Kristine Wilhelmsen

Vilde is currently doing her master’s degree at BI Business School. She undertakes many administrative tasks and works on projects relevant to her studies. She enjoys working part-time in such a dynamic and growing environment as Cloud Insurance.

Business Development Intern
Vilde Myklebust

Kim Isak is a developer with a passion for digitalization and innovation. He led web development for the Student Society in Trondheim and is growing fast at Cloud Insurance. He is currently studying Informatics: Digital Economics and Leadership at UiO.

Developer Intern
Kim Isak Olsen

Kersten is a Marketing Intern, design generalist, and Master Student in Service Design at AHO. She believes that good design is crucial to making the world more inclusive. She uses her unique vision to help structure information in an easily digestible form for our customers.

Marketing Intern
Kersten Williams

With a BSc in good boy and a nose for treats Willy works hard to make sure everyone has a good time. As our office dog, Willy holds many great tasks such scaring away ghosts and notifying us when we have visitors.

Chief Happiness Officer

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