Dmitry, Developer - About Life at Cloud Insurance

Dmitry Mishchenko, Developer at Cloud Insurance.

Hi Dmitry, we're thrilled to speak to you about your time with Cloud Insurance. As a Developer here, what do you do exactly?

I work as a full-stack developer, so tasks are always different. They range from customer journeys to front-end libraries to API integrations with external services and new admin functionality. Even DevOps tasks sometimes. The Tech Squad does a lot of cool stuff every day.

Could you tell us about what drew you to Cloud Insurance in the first place?

I was looking for a job in Norway and came across Cloud Insurance on LinkedIn. I found the company's social media very fascinating. It left me with the impression that it was a young, very energetic, and friendly team. So thumbs up to our social media guys!

What were your first impressions of actually being a part of the team? Did we live up to the image you had before?

It was nice! Everybody was friendly; during the first weeks, I received a lot of invitations for coffee chats and welcome meetings. At the same time, the tech team smoothly introduced me to the development process. At the same time, I felt no pressure at all.

Dmitry with a colleague at this year’s summer party.

What would you say have been your most significant achievements?

I would say that each task has been helpful and led the project to a new level. But I think what we did during customer journeys for health insurance. Thanks to this project, we've improved our customer journey front-end development strategy, API integration and designed a way to work with users' questionnaires and documents.

We've gotten some other accounts on working in the Tech Squad; what are your thoughts on the team?

I like how we interact in the team. Everyone is an experienced and strong developer in their own right. We communicate and help each other a lot since we all have different strengths and experiences to share. And I can say the same about our project team; you can trust me, we work together quite often.

Dmitry with a colleague at our head office.

You moved to Oslo from Ukraine pretty soon after joining us. How was that process, and did Cloud Insurance help you out?

The process was a real adventure, mainly because it was during the first year of COVID-19, which meant new restrictions, additional rules, tests, and quarantine hotels. But we made it through together. Cloud Insurance provided us with as much support as possible, and Axel, our CEO, even did all the document work. Thanks a lot for that, we really appreciated that effort!

What have been some of your favorite things about Norway so far? Is it very different from Ukraine?

Well, of course, it's different! I love Oslo, it's the best place I've ever lived. What I like the most is access to nature. Hiking and biking trails, ski slopes, lakes, fjords, and great views. All of these beautiful things, easily accessible by metro. Norwegians are also empathetic and kind people. So, I enjoy living in Norway.

Dmitry and his wife traveling in Norway.

You just managed to get your dog over to Oslo as well. It must be amazing to have him here! Could you tell us a bit about him?

YES! We missed him so much, and he is finally here! It was a challenge to bring a dog into Norway, but we managed. He's been living here for more than a month! The weather in Oslo's still good for long walks, so we try to spend a lot of time outside with him. I find it funny that he's a Japanese dog born in Russia, grew up in Ukraine, and now living in Norway.

Dmitry’s dog.

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