Core Functionality

Core Features

Rock-solid meets smooth

  • Great user experiences across the board, distilling complex to simple

  • Fine-grained access control levels

  • My Account portal with plug-and-play online sales and claims reporting solutions

  • Mobile-first, responsive and device-independent

Policy Administration

We keep track of all changes

  • Transaction based handling of invoices and payments

  • Auto-generated, customized policy documents

  • Advanced and highly maintainable premium calculation engine

Claims Management

Must be as efficient as possible

  • Flexible claim forms with customized fields, languages, white-labeling and more

  • End-to-end from claim report to reimbursement and reporting

  • Automate the activities you would like – with rules or machine learning predictions

Integrations, data utilization and compliance

Get the data flowing the way you need

  • Extensive logging of all activities – captured and churned to help you stay compliant

  • Powerful reporting engine with customizable templates

  • Insights module visualizing key trends and KPIs

  • Off-the-shelf integrations through our standardized datadumper and our REST API

Does this sound interesting?

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