Want to work at a startup that is small enough for you to make a difference, at the same being mature enough to operate across the world?

Want to work with the winners of Norwegian Fintech Awards 2017? Sounds cool to work at one of the world’s 100 most innovative insurtech companies? Look no further.

Cloud Insurance is a young, small, funded, and dynamic startup based in Oslo, Norway. We currently have two positions open. In addition, we have three positions that will open over the coming weeks. We always have an open spot for great minds, so you can always feel free to shoot us an email even if you do not find a position that matches your profile.

How our team grows

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Who we are looking for

Senior Developer

Full-time / Oslo, Norway

We are seeking an experienced Senior Developer who wants to both oversee and get their hands dirty with our system. Basically, help us build new functionality and scale the software with your additional expertise and new outlook.

Digital Marketing Manager

Full-time / Oslo, Norway

You will be responsible for developing and executing our digital marketing strategy. This unique opportunity is perfect for candidates whom are able to combine strategic creativity with operational capabilities to improve and optimize inbound marketing processes, as well as developing our outbound account-based marketing processes.

Customer Operations

Full-time / Oslo, Norway

A key role in Customer Operations will open in March. You will work closely with our product and project team, establishing and leading efficient processes for customer success (customer engagement, customer support, delivery/implementation, invoicing routines, you name it).

Business Analyst

Full-time / Oslo, Norway

Later this spring, we will open our first dedicated Business Analyst role. You have experience and knowledge from the insurance sector, and have worked with technology implementations in a business context. You will work with our CPO to help shape the product roadmap, and work in our implementation projects – translating customer needs to tehcnology deliverables.

Sales Representative

Full-time / Oslo, Norway

This summer, we will open a Sales Rep role. You will work closely with our VP Commercial, identifying and qualifying prospects, running demos and taking an important part of key stages in our sales funnel.

Full Stack Developer

Full-time / Oslo, Norway

We are seeking a full-stack developer who wants to get their hands dirty with our system, constantly shaping and developing product-wide features.

A day in the clouds

Want to learn more about us?

Here is a few news articles you can check out:

Want to see a serious video? Check out this video of our CEO explaining what Cloud Insurance is. Want to see a feel-good video? Check out the Cloud Insurance Summer Internship 2018 movie. And here is a video clip from Palo Alto that we found in the archive.

Also feel free to check out our sales brochure, company profile, and slide deck.

Questions? Shoot an email to our CEO, Axel Sjøstedt, on if you have questions.