Cloud Insurance is Recognised as the Best SaaS Solution of the Year

We are proud to announce that Cloud Insurance has won SaaS Solution of the Year at the 2021 Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards.

About the Global Insurance and Risk Management Awards

The Global Insurance and Risk Management is organized by Wealth & Finance International. As a publication with a worldwide circulation of 130,000, Wealth & Finance International has rapidly become the go-to and trusted resource for individuals, fund managers, institutional investors and professional services firms.

To recognize top companies in the industry, Wealth & Finance International organizes several awards across different categories. The Global Insurance and Risk Management Award looks to reward the continued efforts of life and non-life insurance companies, individuals, industry experts, and the hard-working professionals who support them.

Why was Cloud Insurance selected?

It's been an honor to be recognized by The Global Insurance and Risk Management award as the SaaS solution of the year. 

The results of the award have been determined entirely on merit, not on votes or the size of an institution, ensuring a level playing field so that all candidates receive the attention they deserve.

The criteria to win an award is based on a company’s reputation, commitment, innovation, determination, and contribution to their industry.

We're incredibly proud that our team’s hard work has been duly recognized as an industry leader in the SaaS solutions market.

Visit Wealth & Finance to see the original announcement.

About Cloud Insurance

Cloud Insurance is a seamless SaaS solution made by insurance experts for insurers since 2016. Our all-in-one solution helps insurers reduce time on managing policies, claims, financials, and reports through APIs, AI, and rule-based technology. Learn more about our solutions here

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