10 Insurance Podcasts to Help Your Business Innovate

With so much happening in the insurance world, it becomes a struggle to get the information that you need to keep up. Listening to podcasts is a quick, efficient and easy way to get that information with very little effort.

We’ve compiled some interesting and insightful podcasts to give you some more depth to words such as innovation and technology in relation to insurance. If you also like reading, here’s a list of the best insurance books.

1. InsTech London – Insurance and Innovation

InsTech describe themselves as “a hub to explore together ways to maximise the opportunities offered by technology”. Their podcast consists of discussions about insurance, innovation, technology and everything in between. All with a diverse, industry leading guest list.


2. Insurtech Insider by 11:FS

This podcast, sponsored and co-hosted by Deloitte, and covers all things insurtech. Every two weeks they’ll keep you up to speed on what’s happening in the industry, from Blockchain to building better products. Whether you’re already an insurtech nut, or just coming around to the phenomenon, there’s a little bit for everyone.


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3. The Insurance Innovators Unscripted

“Research. Build. Innovate.” is the slogan of innovator Abel Travis’ educational insurance podcast. Tune in to learn more about game changing insurance concepts, from the game changers themselves.


4. Insurance Age

An all-encompassing insurance podcast primarily focusing on the UK, that thrives on providing valuable market intelligence. With interesting news and analytical segments, usually running no longer than 10 minutes, it’s perfect for getting your quick fix of insurance news.


5. The Insurance Guys

This podcast sets its starting point in the real experiences of two insurers. Together they discuss the everyday life of an insurance agent while sharing their keys to success. From attracting and hiring top talent, to selling products.


6. The Fix My Insurance Agency Podcast

Tired of weaving through buzzwords and jargon? Then this podcast is for you! With focused, solid and tangible advice adaptable to any insurance agency they’ll help you and your business move forward.


7. Closing the Gap

Westfield Insurance takes a more laid back and comedic approach to the daily wonderings of insurance carriers and agents. But don’t let that fool you: it’s filled with valuable knowledge, experiences and digestible information for you to directly apply to your own agency.


8. Agency Nation Radio: Agency Nation Sound & Insurance In Your Words

Agency Nation Sound is a podcast that caters to most industry professionals with trending news and topics. Insurance In Your Words however is more for the insurers looking to broaden their knowledge in sales, marketing, technology and processes.

Listen to both here

9. Business of Insurance

A podcast that lets you in behind the scenes of insurance with experts from all parts of the industry. The host, Debbie DeChambeau and her guests unravel insurance in this discerning piece of media.


10. PipeCast

In this conversational podcast, host Rich Grisham looks at the changes in insurance and finance from the perspective of executives from the respective fields. The show is no stranger to interesting discussions on tech, trends and other insights.


If you’re looking for fresh insight into insurance, these are the podcasts to listen to. And if you’re ready to act on those – we recommend you to check our free e-guide “14 tips to transform your insurance business in 2020”.

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