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Maiden and Cloud Insurance

Maiden Life Försäkrings AB and Maiden General Försäkrings AB are two innovative Stockholm based insurers. They specialize in affinity insurance schemes providing life, accident & sickness and unemployment insurance products, structured with clear benefits, simple pricing and easy to understand T&Cs. Learn more about Maiden Life & General here.

Maiden uses Cloud Insurance to power a digital platform that offers end-to-end services for online insurance customer journeys. This enables Maiden’s distribution partners to offer their diverse catalogue of insurance products to customers simply by plugging into platform. The solution also allows for their partners to tailor the online proposition for the needs of each specific distribution partner as well as white labeling.

We just recently launched our collaboration with Maiden and have written a short piece about it that featured in the renowned Swedish insurance magazine Sak & Liv. You can read it in full here.

Daniel Deckers, Operations Manager states

“We offer a wide range of bespoke personal insurance products for our distribution partners. The ability for them to simply and effortlessly plug into our Cloud Insurance powered platform is a complete game changer. Not having to do huge investments into development puts both Maiden and our partners at a significant advantage. Cloud Insurance’s incredibly flexible approach to the insurance industry ticks all of our partners’ boxes, as well as our own, and is why they have had us convinced about their capabilities since day one.”