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Insr and Cloud Insurance

Insr isa fast-growing insurance company that was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange in 2014. The company writes premiums for own accounts in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and has several sales and distribution centers in the Scandinavian countries.

Their main focus is to create value for their customers and partners who have strong customer relationships and a clear focus on sales and distribution.

Insr was one of the very first users of Cloud Insurance, and they are using Cloud Insurance to handle their full line of affinity products, which involves partnerships with numerous market leaders in their respective areas.

Amongst those, the largest e-commerce player in the Nordics. Cloud Insurance handles their sales reporting and claims management bundled product insurances in multiple brands and multiple languages, and ensures lean and automated processes. This includes automated contact and coordination with the claimant and their Customer Service and Repair Center.

By moving the processes closer to the customer, Insr can provide a better customer journey for their clients, increase data quality and reduce costs. By utilizing Cloud’s flexibility to white-label and provide tailored experiences, Insr’s clients strengthens their brand and can offer a clear user experience.

Patric Ljung, Head of IT states

“Cloud Insurance is at the centerpiece of our whole range of affinity products. The flexibility to automate and streamline processes that differ between products is remarkable, and fits right into our strategy of offering the best user experience possible.”