Customer Story: Compass Benefits Group

Compass Benefits Group
Compass Benefits Group

Compass is now entering our second year of working with Cloud Insurance. Prior to working with Cloud Insurance, the online administration of our business was a daily concern costing a great deal of resources to manage. Since implementing Cloud Insurance within our business, we have increased client satisfaction, improved the efficiency of our entire administrative operations, and are able to manage onboarding new clients and renewals at a much higher rate.

From a technical perspective, the online administrative system is very user friendly, easy for our clients and partners to access and work with, and extremely flexible to accommodate the variety of plan designs and enrollment situations we work with.

From a servicing perspective, the principals at Cloud Insurance are true partners – they are always accessible for any needs we have, work very quickly to meet our timelines, and are creative in developing solutions to maximize our efficiency. Most importantly, Cloud Insurance continually works with the commitment to operating with the highest levels of integrity and character.

John Fleming
Compass Benefits Group, Inc.


Compass Benefits Group and Cloud Insurance

Compass Benefits Group is a company with 20 years of experience in providing comprehensive health insurance plans to international students. The company has offices in Massachusetts and California. Compass is a strategic partner of IASIS, the insurance advisory non-profit affiliated with the World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation.

Compass use Cloud Insurance as a full-stack solution to serve their global network of health and travel insurance specialists. Every single day — clients, partners, claims management agencies, students in nearly all time zones utilize Cloud Insurance for all sorts of activities, including bulk-creating thousands of policies at once from school rosters, charging credit cards and issuing individual policies, as well as automatic integrations to multiple insurers. The product mix is complicated and extensive.

Compass is currently expanding their business in China, and Cloud Insurance is currently being translated into Chinese – in order to accept AliPay payments and issue policies to Chinese-speaking nationals.

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