“With Cloud insurance, iNext serves all US states, as well as foreigners travelling to the US”

With Cloud insurance, iNext serves all US states, as well as foreigners traveling to the US. They use our system to manage fully-digital sales of travel and health insurance, both to retail and affinity groups, through their vast network of more than hundreds of distribution partners, both online and through roster uploads.

Among a plethora of features, iNext now has the ability to create predefined trips for individuals to enroll in, a premium collection for partners and individuals, and mobile-first My Account portal for insured customers. They also benefit from secure access for third party administrators, medical companies and claims handlers, and compliant generation of reports and policy documents.

“The Cloud Insurance team is very responsive, transparent and are open to communication. They always ask the right questions in an appropriate fashion, which means that they’ve understood our needs straight from the beginning. Through Cloud’s flexible software, we’re able to make timely changes and modifications to their products in response to external factors such as market demand and changes in the compliance landscape. This is crucial in an increasingly competitive market. Often, it takes longer for us to specify the changes from a legal and financial perspective than it ultimately takes for Cloud to actually set everything up.”

Jeff Thaxter, Director

With Cloud Insurance, we are eliminating confusing and frustrating end-user experiences, and enabling real-time access to policies, coverage, and customer information makes it easy to keep customers safe all across the world no matter what. In a continuously changing market such as insurance, iNext seeks to be at the proactive forefront, and not just reacting to market changes, but actually helping to define the landscape.

About customer

iNext International Insurance is a division of CIEE, a mission-driven, non-profit organization with a commitment to facilitating global understanding through a portfolio of study abroad and intercultural exchange programs, iNext provides international travel protection products that keep their customers safe and healthy.

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