Insr Insurance: “Cloud Insurance is a better time-to-market fit than other insurance systems.”

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When we first met with Insr Insurance Group ASA (Insr), they used a paper-based approach to claims management. 

The leadership team wanted to automate processes and create grounds for long term innovation. They looked for an agile partner and system to match business needs.

“We weren’t looking for a company that would only have a product. It’s not enough. Insr needed a provider that would be further developing a system to meet both the needs of our customers and our own needs in the future.”

Ole Fredrik Hegdal, Head of Global Communications and Corporate Brand

Over the years, Insr went through various modifications. Several management changes, IT architecture adjustments, and re-branding (Vardia, Scandinavian Insurance Group, Insr Insurance). Regardless of all these changes, we’ve remained its partner and from the next section, you’ll understand why.


Ole Fredrik Hegdal – What our claims handlers think about cloud insurance

Insr uses our platform for claims management of affinity products. Though claims handlers work with other systems too, they call Cloud Insurance their #1 favorite. It enables them to handle more claims compared to similar systems.  

“Cloud Insurance appears to be created with claims handling in mind. It is user friendly, intuitive, and highly efficient.”

Poyan Sinalipour, EVP Claims 

“Many of our insurance systems (because we use a lot!) aren’t as lightweight as Cloud Insurance. We see that in developing new products, Cloud Insurance is a better time-to-market fit than other insurance systems.”

Pål Fosland, SVP Sales

The Insr team focuses on external policies functionality, where policies aren’t created by our system, but imported from another source in a read-only format. Once claim handlers get a claim, the system automatically shows whether a customer has valid insurance or not. Insr also plans a project which will allow them to use our policy features at full potential.

 “I have always found cooperation with Cloud Insurance fruitful. I think they understand our needs and always add valuable insight on how to deal with technical issues. Once we solve our legacy issues, I think we´ll be able to use Cloud Insurance even more. Nowadays our cooperation pretty much focuses on PPI products. Hopefully, we´ll be able to develop other products as well.”

Pål Fosland, SVP Sales

With competing priorities and many new partnerships in the pipeline, Insr can’t develop fast launches on its own. This is where we step in to support new developments and automation, partners onboarding, and product launches. 

I think a lot of product innovation would never happen without Cloud Insurance. If doing alone – the cost to test new products in the market would be way too high. Any changes within our IT architecture are hard and complex, this is why I love the light weightiness and flexibility of Cloud Insurance. It’s really easy to create great products, the sales solution is pretty seamless. It’s easy for the end clients.”

Pål Fosland, SVP Sales

For the two recent partners, Insr used our technology to set up a self-serve customer portal, which allows end customers to login and manage their account from any device.

Once the Insr team participates in the tender for a new partner, we often join them in sales meetings, help with sales materials, and provide sketches on how the system looks like. This helps them win tenders.

“Cloud Insurance strengthens our brand because we can deliver solutions that most of our competitors can´t. It would probably be longer, more costly projects to implement products in their current IT setup. So, I Cloud is giving us a competitive advantage in that part.”

Pål Fosland, SVP Sales

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Insr Insurance Group ASA offers a platform for selling insurance products. The company serves both companies with insurance as core and supplementary businesses.

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